Top tips for integrating AR

17 May 2021.

Top tips for integrating AR

For retailers large and small, the advent of new technologies has created myriad opportunities to better engage customers and increase sales.

However, the sheer pace of change can leave brands and retailers feeling dazed and confused. Not only is it a question of deciding which works best for their business, but how they can add new capabilities into an IT estate that can already be fit to burst. Here, we offer five top tips for brands looking to integrate AR into their business.

  1. Not all software providers are created equal. When it comes to AR, quality is everything. Shoppers must be convinced that viewing the item in their own space is as good as seeing it in store. That means everything from shadows, reflection and texture must be part of the experience. While many brands and retailers may be making their first foray into Augmented Reality, they must not compromise on quality. This takes real dedication and commitment – something we have in spades at London Dynamics.

  2. Consider ease of integration. Brands and retailers may be reluctant to continually layer on new solutions, particularly if it means compromising their carefully-crafted back end infrastructure, such as their CRM. It is here that London Dynamics excels, seamlessly integrating with existing architecture to provide a hassle-free, powerful new addition to the marketing mix.

  3. Customer experience is everything. This may sound obvious, but there are some who fear customers simply won’t use Augmented Reality, believing it to be too cumbersome. Brands and retailers that are reliant on users switching to an app to access their AR solution could be forgiven for thinking that way. London Dynamics works via QR code or web link, making it simple for customers to view products in their own space. Not only this, but our lightweight architecture means load times are minimal.

  4. Plan for the best. Building a business case for AR can sometimes be tricky, leading to retailers ‘dipping their toe in’ by trialling a small number of products. Many suppliers then vastly increase their fees to build further models across the entire product set. London Dynamics, meanwhile, is infinitely scalable, growing in line with business need.

  5. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Trailblazing companies integrating AR into their websites are already seeing the huge benefits it can offer. However, there are always those that are slower to adopt.

To ignore the implication of AR would be akin to ignoring the advent of online shopping

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