Simplifying 3D adoption
for any business.

London Dynamics’ services and platform are designed to capture the advantage of increasingly universal 3D functionality across browsers and devices.

London Dynamics was set up to help businesses introduce an advanced, realistic and functional 3D and AR experience from existing websites. It does this in a highly cost-effective way, with a minimum time investment required and no impact on the fluidity of the existing shopper journey.

Developed by the key people who designed and delivered Ikea Place, the company shares a deep understanding of the priorities and pressures affecting retailers, as well as how important it is to find the most efficient ways to adopt change.

London Dynamics’ services and platform are designed to capture the advantage of increasingly universal 3D and AR functionality across browsers and devices.

It helps brands design life-like 3D models which respond to the user’s environment and lighting conditions, and provide truly useful ‘try-before-you-buy’ experiences. All this is offered without the need to leave the retailer’s own website, and without changing a single layer in their current technology stack.

It is lightweight enough to seamlessly integrate into any ecommerce platforms, while being scalable enough to allow visualisation of a full range of products, not just select ‘showcase’ items.


Michael Valdsgaard

Michael Valdsgaard
CEO & Executive Chairman

Daniel van der Schoor

Daniel van der Schoor

Martin Lundin

Martin Lundin

Christopher Muir

Christopher Muir

Dan Frith

Dan Frith


  • Archie Blacklock Finance & Operations Analyst
  • Teddy Lillsjö Fälth Product Manager
  • Adrian von Gegerfelt Front End Engineer
  • Clara Isaksson Front End Engineer
  • Marcus Pamp Front End Engineer
  • Joeri Verdegaal Front End Engineer
  • Maria Lundhammar Front End Engineer
  • Denis Razumnyi Back End Engineer
  • Andreas Ekeroth Back End Engineer
  • Mio Nilsson Back End Engineer
  • Martin Two Back End Engineer
  • Amelia Lewis Head of Customer Success
  • Mathias H Normark Design
  • Sebastian Gram Design
  • Tom Humphreys Regional VP Sales
  • Will Lamond SDR
  • Harun Demirel SDR
  • Andrew Bellamy Senior 3D Engineer
  • Jamie Field Senior 3D Engineer
  • Rodger van der Zwaan 3D Engineer
  • Julian Prins 3D Engineer
  • Tiago Franca 3D Engineer


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