One place to create, manage and serve 3D assets for the web.

Designed to enable brands to access and collaborate on new 3D assets and experiences all through one user interface.

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AutoTrader serves rich 3D content and engaging interactions on their product landing-pages when introducing new cars to the market.

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brand engagement online
with 3D experiences.

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  • Increase conversion rate
  • Support buying decisions
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  • Increase avg. cart size
  • Improve dwell time

AutoTrader serves rich 3D content and engaging interactions on their product landing-pages when introducing new cars to the market.

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    Can the platform handle multiple
    3D assets in one scene?

    Yes, the platform is built to handle and serve multiple 3D assets in one scene. You can choose to build a scene where you combine more than one file. For instance, if you have a dining table as a 3D asset and you want to pair it with a set of dining chairs you can add an additional 3D asset to the scene.

    Does the platform offer an API to build
    custom and brand centric user experiences?

    Yes, we've build an API that allows developers to customise the user experience and tailor the visual design to be in-line with your brand identity. The API includes documentation making it easy for developers to tap into our platform.

    Will the platform easily integrate with
    our existing tech stack?

    Our solution easily integrates with any online platform and connects with your PIM system. We've built a full stack platform for 3D assets this means you might even be able to shrink your tech stack as we offer hosting, creation and distribution all through one interface.

    Can the platform handle the
    creation process of 3D assets?

    Yes, while quite a few companies already have their products as 3D assets we've built a functionality for the ones that don't. This means you can upload product photos inside the platform and our 3D team will assist with the creation of assets. We've include a QA and approval stage into the creation meaning you get a chance to provide input on the 3D asset before publishing.

    How do you integrate 3D assets
    on your ecommerce platform?

    Once you've published a scene with one or more 3D assets you'll get an embed code to paste right into your ecommerce platform, similar to how a YouTube video is embeded. It's that simple.