How AR opens opportunities for user generated content

27 August 2022.

How AR opens opportunities for user generated content

Got a cool new bike that you’re ready to show off to the world? Chances are you’ll take a picture of it and post it on your social profile. Or maybe you’ve been given a fancy new accessory, and you post an unboxing video to your YouTube channel? Whether you know it or not, both of these examples are user-generated content (UGC). But what if you are a luxury brand and you want people to promote your product before they purchase it? This is where AR can be particularly helpful.

Firstly let’s clarify what AR is?

Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to be present in the real world but adds a digital layer on top of real life which may enhance it in some way. AR can be viewed through a headset but more commonly it is accessible through any smart phone that reacts to its surrounding environment.

Why is user-generated content important?

UGC is used across all stages of the buyer’s journey to help influence engagement and increase conversions. The customer-centric content can be used on social media and other channels, such as email, landing pages, or checkout pages.

Nowadays, brands have to fight to be seen online, and competition is fierce for audience attention. As a result, buyers are more selective about the brands they interact with and purchase from, especially the notoriously fickle Gen-Z.

It’s not just consumers who are passionate about authentic content. 60% of marketers agree that authenticity and quality are equally important elements of successful content. And there’s no other content type that’s more authentic than UGC from your customers.

So how can Augmented Reality be used for UGC across multiple industries?

For luxury brands, owning an original item is all about exclusivity and privacy so it can be difficult to encourage UGC. This is where AR comes in. Using London Dynamics’ integrated AR solution, seeing a 3D item within your environment is as easy as clicking a button. Consumers who aspire to own a luxury handbag, car or watch can view it in their environment and post this content online, not only promoting their interest in certain products but also unknowingly promoting your brand to their network.

The esteemed bike manufacturer Colnago has seen the AR version of their new C68 road bike being placed in many different environments through one of their worldwide retailers marketing campaigns. Brand loyalists were encouraged to configure their favourite Colnago bike which could then be viewed using AR in their surrounding environment. Images of the bike went viral on Instagram which is any marketeers dream!

So in conclusion, where AR used to be seen as a gimmick or a nice to have, it’s now seen as a powerful tool in customer experience and user engagement. If used effectively AR can help build brand awareness, establish credibility for your brand as an innovative thought leader and boost online conversions.

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