How AR improves the online experience for luxury retailers

12 June 2021.

How AR improves the online experience for luxury retailers

In an earlier post, we looked at how the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted consumer attitudes to shopping for luxury products online.

Drawing on an independent poll of 1,000 consumers commissioned by London Dynamics, respondents overwhelmingly said they were more likely to buy high-end products such as watches, furniture and other items online than before the pandemic struck.

However, they felt the online experience offered by luxury brands and retailers lagged way behind that of High Street counterparts.

Here we wanted to look at how consumers believe luxury brands and retailers must alter their online strategy in order to increase sales, drawing on learnings from the study.

Luxury brands and retailers are rightly proud of their flagship stores, often in the most sought-after locations in the greatest cities in the world, meaning online can be something of an afterthought. However, it is clear this will not wash with the modern consumer.

Asked how the online experience offered by luxury brands and retailers falls behind the ‘prestige; of their stores, respondents said:

  • It loses an air of exclusivity

  • The quality of imagery isn’t strong enough to persuade me to make a decision

  • Customer service is not strong enough to make me comfortable in making a purchase

  • There are not appropriate offers to incentivise me to make a purchase

So, shoppers are clearly demanding a more exclusive experience online, providing them with all the tools to make a more informed decision.

Asked how luxury brands and retailers can improve their online experience, the consumers said:

  • By better showcasing products (63%)

  • By offering an opportunity to trial products in a virtual environment (43%)

  • By offering online consultation services (38%)

  • By making websites easier to browse and interact on mobile (35%)

What this tells us is that, when asked to part with large sums of money for a product they haven’t seen in person, shoppers are far more demanding.

It is here that Augmented Reality can meet the demands of shoppers. Respondents said the top three. online capabilities that would convince them to buy luxury products online where a 360 degree ‘spin’ enabling them to see the product from all angles, an AR version of the product and high-quality imagery.

We are currently in the ‘first follower’ phase but the question we would ask brands and retailers is ‘why not use AR to really differentiate yourself? While online shopping has obviously been growing and growing for many years now, nobody foresaw the acceleration that the Covid-19 pandemic brought about – and the reliance brands and retailers would come to have on the online experience they provide customers.

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